Vision Sunday Highlights

VisionVision Sunday Highlights

…becoming more intentional in our mission to reach people for Jesus Christ


  • We will continue to offer two worship services with a modification to the time each service is offered as well as the style of music.
    • Our first Worship Service will begin at 8:30 a.m.

This service will have a “blended” style of worship music that will include instruments, 2-4 singers on microphones and support singers. The music will be a blend of current praise music as well as classic hymns.

  • Our second Worship Service will begin at 10:45 a.m.

This service will have a “band-lead” style of worship music that will include a full array of instruments and will primarily be lead by our Worship Leader and 1-3 additional singers on microphones. The music at this service will be current praise and worship music.

  • We will have one Worship Arts Team that will consist of vocalists, instrumentalists, sound and media technicians that will serve at one and/or both services. Our Worship Arts Leader will lead worship at both services.
  • Sunday School will begin at 9:45 a.m.

Buildings and Grounds

The existing children’s playground will be removed. An anonymous donation will allow us to begin the process of updating and relocating the children’s playground to the Northeast corner of our property. We will purchase new equipment and fence in the area for the safety of our children. Once the playground is relocated and other funds available, we will create an additional exit on Vanview Drive from the parking lot.

  • The sanctuary will undergo some cosmetic enhancements in the near future. New lighting will be installed as well as painting, updated furnishings, etc. The “platform” area will be reconfigured to place our instruments in a more permanent location as well as accommodate our new style of worship services.

Communication and Technology

  • Enhancements will be made to our website. We will begin archiving sermons online as well as online streaming of our services.
  • We will provide the opportunity for you to submit tithes and offerings online.
  • We will provide an “on-line” tour of our church on our Website.
  • We will continue to communicate important church related information (deaths, newsletters, potlucks, etc.) via our e-blast and call-out systems.

Safety and Security

  • Cameras have been installed in our buildings. We will continue to evaluate this enhancement and may install additional cameras as needed.*
  • Updates have been made to our existing exterior door locks and plans are in place to lock specific doors during service times to ensure the safety of our children as well as worshipers.*

*This enhancement creates a need for volunteers to serve. More information to follow.