National Farm Worker Awareness Week

National Farm Worker Awareness Week is March 30 – April 5

CPW will offer tote bags to support the Farm Worker Ministry for a
donation of $10 on Sunday, March 30

NFWM began in 1920 as a ministry of charity and service, providing food, clothing and day care to the farm workers. When United Farm Workers founder Cesar Chavez began organizing in the 1960′s, he called on the religious community to change its emphasis from charity to justice. NFWM became the vehicle for people of faith to respond to that call. NFWM brings together national denominations, state councils of churches, religious orders and congregations, and concerned individuals to act with the farm workers to achieve fundamental change in their living and working conditions.

“Set Them Free” is a multi-year focus for the Cumberland Presbyterian Women that will partner with organizations to raise awareness of the reality of slavery in the 21st century.