Community Groups Beginning New Studies Today!

If you aren’t part of a Community Group, now is a good time to join one! Groups beginning new studies tonight include The Gate Keepers and the Survivors. To learn more about our Community Groups, click here. To see a current list of Community Groups and their meeting times and locations, click here. For those parents who have children participating in our Youth Group, why not join a Community Group that meets at Church during the same time your child attends Youth Group? It’s a great way for your family to grow in their faith!

Benefits of joining a Community Group:

  • You will begin to feel like a part of God’s family as you get to know and learn to love other believers.
  • You will develop a better understanding of the Bible and how its practical truth can be applied to your life.
  • You will discover the power of group prayer and the strength that comes from sharing your concerns with people who care.
  • You will find the encouragement that each of us need to live in a way that blesses our families and honors God.

Community Group Meeting in a home