Bible Study Invitation – Begins September 15

A new Bible study entitled “Casket Empty-God’s Plan of Redemption Through History” will begin on Tuesday, September 15, and conclude on Tuesday, November 3. The study will be taught by Lonnie Lance and will be held at our Church started at 6:00 p.m. Everyone is encouraged to participate. For more information on this study, please click here to visit the website. Casket Empty GraphicKey Information about this study:

Easy to use Old Testament Timeline

CASKET EMPTY© is a simple but effective tool to help people better understand the redemptive story of the Bible. CASKET is the acronym for the Old Testament, standing for Creation, Abraham, Sinai, Kings, Exile and Temple. Each book of the Old Testament is located in one of the six periods and key events and people are identified for each period. Used by seminary professors, teachers, students, pastors and Bible study leaders, the Old Testament CASKET Timeline is a wonderful resource to help you trace the history of God’s redemptive story from Genesis to Malachi.

Easy to use New Testament Timeline

The New Testament timeline is structured around the acronym EMPTY, which stands for Expectations, Messiah, Pentecost, Teaching, Yet-to-come. The New Testament timeline will help you see the glory of God’s redemptive story for all peoples as it reaches fulfillment in Jesus Christ. It follows God’s purposes through the intertestamental period and places each of the 27 books of the New Testament into five time periods.