Awaken Nashville

Our Church will participate in Awaken Nashville beginning January 27 (concludes February 24). Information packets will be distributed Sunday, January 13 for individuals wishing to participate.

What is Awaken Nashville? A city-wide movement of prayer and fasting unifying the body of Christ to strategically intercede for every person in Nashville and surrounding areas.

Promises of the Scripture: The Word of God boldly declares that there is a clear connection between faithful prayer and Spirit filled revival. Together we will kneel before God on every joy filled promise of His Word for the sake of those who don’t yet love and follow Jesus.

The Proof of History: History has boldly demonstrated that Spirit filled revival nearly always begins when God’s people humble themselves through prayer and fasting. Together we will ask God to move powerfully in the hearts of every person in the greater Nashville area.

Our Prevailing Need: The stories and statistics illuminate the reality that our city is in need of Spirit filled awakening. We believe this awakening will start with the church, and then spread into the city. Together we will ask God to awaken His people in the city, so we can bring glory to God while being a blessing to those who don’t yet know Jesus.

Power of God to Change Lives: We believe no person is beyond the reach of God’s transforming power. Not only is Jesus able to change lives, we know that He is willing to change lives. Together we will ask God to touch lives, heal those who are hurting, deliver those who are in bondage, and to restore each and every person according to His great plans.

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